With a background in fine art and design, internationally recognized photographer David Trotter has numerous credits in a variety of fields. While residing for a decade on the west coast (Venice Beach, California) he created award-winning photography for both the fine art world and commercial markets. His limited edition fine art prints have been widely published and shown in galleries as far away as New Zealand.

David is well known for his innovative use of creative and non-traditional lighting techniques, his unique flair for composition and his stunning rich toned black & white images. With over 25 years in the industry, he commands an exceptional understanding of both natural and artificial light with an eye for creating the perfect photographic composition.

SOUL PORTRAITS unique & timeless fine art portrait sessions with David…

As a fine art portrait photographer in Atlanta, David spends his time creating timeless legacy portraits that will be cherished for lifetimes.

“For me the secret is simply that I photograph what I love. As the 13th century Persian poet Rumi said, ‘Let the beauty we love, be what we do.’ ”

A soul portrait session with David is truly a unique, fun, and collaborative experience. Expect a non-traditional, relaxed atmosphere session without feeling rushed, without time limits, and without canned, stiff poses. And most of all expect the resulting “captured magic moment” portraits to become valuable family possessions that will be cherished for decades and generations to come.

“I am certainly not what you would call a traditional photographer. I endeavor to make each session relaxed, simple, fun, and magical. I understand and respect how very important the captured images and resulting heirloom portraits are to you and your family. My goal is to truly capture the spirit, essence, divinity, and true beauty of each person I photograph.

“I consider it a gift and an honor to be asked to share and record this magical time with you and your loved ones. Each portrait session holds a unique and special place in my heart. I often can’t remember what I had for breakfast. 🙂 But even years later I remember in vivid detail the magic moments of every portrait session that I spend creating the images that I love.

“I am so happy that you found me. I look forward to creating with you. I know you will not be disappointed. In fact, I believe that the portraits we create together will touch your heart, inspire you, and become cherished memories that you and your family will enjoy over and over again throughout your lives.”

For a free initial consultation please give us a call at 706-372-5318.


“My ultimate goal for my photography and my art is to illuminate the presence of divine beauty and help contribute to higher levels of consciousness in our world. And my desire is that my work will be a unique and enlightening fusion of the mystical, spiritual, and the intellectual.

“I am a photographer because photography is one of the things I do that still creates inside me the wonder, awe, and excitement of being a child, to be able with only a camera and lens to discover the beauty and magic that surrounds me.

“I particularly love the intrigue and amazing beauty of black & white photography and its ability to unravel and illuminate the mysteries and depths of a subject, exposing new worlds that are not normally seen. With the unique language of black & white I feel that I am often able to capture the spiritual essence of people and places that would not have been possible with traditional color photography.”




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